What impresses one the most when you push open the front door is the immense joy that is felt in this orphanage. The orphanage welcomes children of all ages that have experienced a very hard and difficult beginning in life. Marie Therese, a wonderful woman with a loving heart receives each and every one of them ,helping each one regain confidence and hope through her kindness and love. For many year’s now because of her courage the children have found a second family within the Maison de Nazareth. They now have access to good education and proper health care because of her devotion to the children. Within this home there is a great feeling of love and nourishment that exist’s. The children help one another, the eldest help the smaller ones, the healthier one’s help the children that are too ill to attend school by giving lessons in the evening. The Maison de Nazareth has become a magical and healing place because of all the love that inhabits this home !

After several day’s spent in 2012 with Marie Therese and the children , Yann Arthus-Bertrand created the BADAO association.

A whole network of support came to be, very quickly. This network sent clothes ,games,books and reading glasses for the children……This network permitted Marie Therese and a child from the orphanage to come to France to get operated and cared for. They both have a restored eyesight because of this care. This association is voluntarily managed in France by Sandrine Dimeglio and in Switzerland by Bérengère Primat. Together, they are actively working a project of reconstruction for the orphanage.

Today, this web page has come to be so that the children can communicate with the world abroad. To exchange and share with other children. This is a web page that has for mission to extend this tremendous network of support……. we must bear in mind that these children of the Maison de Nazareth will alway’s need our support and help ……..Thank you

Members of the Association Badao


Yann Arthus-Bertrand, President

Sandrine Dimeglio, Vice-President

Claude Arié, Vice-President


Bérengère Primat, President

Justine Primat, Vice-President